Monday, January 31, 2011

Toddler bed night #2

So two nights ago it was time to switch my little girl to her toddler bed. My hubby was so scared he kept saying "oh great this will be fun". To his surprise he was wrong. She climbed right up into bed layed down with her favorite big bird and went right to sleep. I though how great this is. Well I spoke to soon because yesterday there was no such thing as nap time. I did the normal routine, put on her music, tucked her in, gave her big bird and walked out the door. The next thing I know I hear her talking so I peek in and she is sitting in bed with about ten books reading out loud! Although it was cute I had to take the books and lay her back down. Long story short she never took a nap :( But when bed time rolled around she hopped in bed and went right to sleep again. She did fall out of bed last night but that was a minor incedent and she went right back to sleep. This morning she woke up earlier than normal and when I went to get her she was once again laying in bed with a book reading it to herself! Anyone got some advice on how to get her to take a nap? Not only do I need the hour or two of peace everyday but she gets WAY to crabby without a nap.


Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by! Isn't the snow...just...lovely?

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

I wish I had some advice for the toddler bed. Our 22 month old son is still in a crib. I'm too scared to switch! New follower through the blog hop!

Melissa said...

oh how cute! :)

Shanee said...

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April said...

hi dear!

thanks so much for joining this week's military monday blog hop -- i definitely hope to see you back next week!

congrats on getting your little into her "big girl" bed!! hoping to do the same this year with our little girl!


Sailor's Wife said...

Following you back :)

When my daughter went to a toddler bed, the transition was pretty easy. You just have to stay consistent and on routine, you'll get there!