Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little update!

First don"t forget the Freschetta giveaway ends tonight. And the Basic H2 giveaway ends on the 25th.

I wanted to let you all know we start our vacation tomorrow so I may be MIA for a few days. We are going from here (MA) to OH. Then going to NY on Easter and from NY to NC. This will be a long trip but I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. In a weeks time I will get to see my step kids, my dad, grandparents. And then once we get to NC I will see my sister who I haven't seen in almost a year. And the most exciting is that I will see my nephew who is two months old today!

On the down side once we get back here my hubby will only have a couple days before he heads out to California. You should all expect an overload of pictures from this trip.

I hope you are all having a great week. I will try to update things as soon as I can. Thank you all for showing my family so much love during this crazy time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shaklee Basic H2 Review and Giveaway (5 winners)

I was recently contacted by April to do a review of a new non toxic cleaning product called Basic H2.
We all have to clean so why not do it in a safer non toxic way.
I was sent this sample to try out and review. This tiny bottle makes 16 ounces of window cleaner and 16 ounces of all purpose cleaner.
I decided to use it on my trash can first. There has been some hot pink icing stuck on there for a few days that I couldn't seem to get off. Maybe because of all the food coloring in it.

I sprayed the cleaner on and decided to try wiping with only a paper towel. I was amazed it wiped off with no effort at all.

I then went to work on the rest of my kitchen and couldn't believe how great this cleaner was. It has barely any odor and works great. I was able to do all my cleaning with just this one product. The best thing is that Shaklee makes other cleaning supplies such as
Cleaning Wipes
Dishwasher soap
Laundry soap
dryer sheets
How great would it be if we could all keep our homes clean without worrying about all the toxins are kids are coming in contact with. If you are looking for a cleaner more convienent way to clean then you should give this product a try.

Where to buy it:
for $12.15 you can buy a 16oz bottle of Basic H2 (makes 48 gallons) directly from April at
If you become a member for $19.95 you can receive 15% off all your purchases making your Basic H2 only $10.35

The Giveaway:
April has generously offered to give 5 winners the same sample of Basic H2 that I received.

How to enter:
You must complete the mandatory entry first
please leave your email in your entry so I can contact you if you win

Mandatory Entry:
Please visit April's site and come back here telling me something you like about Basic H2 or any other product she carries.

Extra Entries:
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'Like' My fan page on Facebook (2 extra entries)
Blog about this giveaway (3 extra entries)

I was not compensated for this review other than receiving the product named above. All opinions are my own.
This giveaway will end on April 25th at 11:59 EST.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday blog hops!

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We have a winner!

The winner is Comment #2 Erin who commented that she is following on Facebook.
Go check out her blog sometime

Also don't forget the Freschetta prize pack giveaway end on the 20th.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TGIF Blog Hop (I'm guest hosting)

Welcome to Thank Goodness Its Friday! Our linky will open every Thursday night so you can join us for Thank Goodness Its Friday, also known as TGIF. Let’s make some new blogging friends and celebrate the end of a wonderful week!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday Blog Hops!

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Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

update on things in predeployment land!!!

As you all know my hubby will be leaving in a few weeks.Originally we were told he would get to come back for two weeks in July. But once again the military has to go the cheap route and change that on us. He is able to take leave in July but if he want to come home to MA from all the was in CA he will have to pay for his own ticket. Not to mention it will be a last minute thing so I doubt it will be in our budget to pay for it. It usually takes months to save for trips.
Speaking of trips we are going away away next week until the end of the month. If you don't hear from me don't worry I will just be crazy busy. We are driving from MA to NY then NY to OH to see my step kids. Then back to NY to spend Easter with my dad and pick up my grandma. The from NY to NC to see my sister and her family. Back to NY to drop my grandma off. And finally back to to MA. I have been preparing myself for weeks. Not only do we have to plan hotels, food and our route. But when you add in the kids and my grandma it could get interesting!
Then it will back to real life for us. Our family needs this trip to get our minds off this deployment. We are trying to enjoy every day we have together. With that said it still feels like this black cloud we call deployment is hanging over our heads. Event he poor kids feel it. Our daughter hasn't been sleeping well. And my anxiety and OCD are at an all time high.
And i almost forgot we are having an early birthday party for our daughter tomorrow. Her birthday isn't actually until May 22nd but I felt like my hubby needed to be here for her party. Me being the crazy person I am decided on Monday afternoon that we chould have a party on Thursday. Since then I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get things ready.
I hope you are all having a great week. Don't forget to enter my $20 gift card giveaway it end in two days.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday Blog hops!

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Happy hopping!!!

Debbie Does Coupons

Sippy Cup Mom

FRESCHETTA by the slice review and GIVEAWAY!!! *CLOSED*

I was recently contacted by makers of FRESCHETTA to do a review on their new pizza by the slice. It comes in the following flavor options.
BBQ recipe Chicken
Vegetable Medley
Spinach and Mushroom
Six cheese medley
 FRESCHETTA by the slice is an individual slice of pizza that you microwave and it's ready to go. It only takes four minutes and you have a very tasty lunch.
I chose to try the BBQ chicken flavor. It has Chicken, red peppers, red onions, mozzarella, cheddar and bbq sauce.
Here are a few pictures
The box
It comes with a Microwaveable tray
The finished product! And I must say this is probably my new favorite go to for a quick lunch!

I also had the opportunity to review the FRESCHETTA food storage system.
These containers lock tightly and come in a great variety of sizes.

If you are tired of taking the same old lunch to work I would suggest try the new FRESCHETTA by the slice.  You will be impressed by how good a frozen, microwaveable pizza can taste. And with so many great varieties you are sure to find something you will like.

The makers of FRESCHETTA have kindly offered to give one lucky reader the following prize pack.
A coupon for one FREE FRESCHETTA by the slice
A three piece food storage system

How to enter:
You must first do the mandatory entry and all other entries are optional. Please leave your e-mail in your comments so I know how to contact you if you win
Mandatory entry:
Tell me why you want to win this pack

Extra entries:
Follow my blog via GFC (2 extra)
Follow me on Twitter (1 extra)
"like" my fan page on Facebook (1 extra)

This giveaway will end on April 20th at 11:59pm EST and is open to US only

I was contacted by the makers of  FRESCHETTA to do this review but all opinions are my own. I was in no way compensated for this review other than recieving the products named above.

Hello all

I wanted to say sorry I have been MIA for a few days. My hubby is home and spending time as a family has been my top priority. I wanted to let you all know I have a great review and giveaway that will be up later today so be sure to check back for it later. Also don't forget to enter my 200 follower giveaway for a
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's talk Government shut down

Yes this will be a venting post. First off I would like to tell you all my hubby is home from CA and won't be leaving again until the beginning of next month. Once he leave I won't see him again until next spring :( So if my blogging seems sporadic it's because I'm spending as much time as possible with him.
Next I would like to vent about our government. With only about four hours left until a government shut down I'm not very optimistic. I know many people who will be hit very hard by this. Don't get me wrong my family could make it but not with anything to spare. If we do get a 1/2 pay check on the 15th I will probably freak out. With out allotment for housing and child support for my step kids we will only get about a $20 check. Who can live off of that? With my hubby preparing for this deployment things are already crazy enough. We are supposed to go visit my step kids in two weeks and my husband will be devastated if we can't go. We have enough in our account to cover our bills thank god but we were counting on his pay from the 15th to cover this trip. I can't even begin to say how awful I feel for those who are already deployed and will be worrying about their families. I think the government has forgotten that if it wasn't for our spouses they wouldn't be where they are.
I know that we are all worried but I want you all to have a little comfort so here is what I have found out we can do if this happens.
Navy Fed and Marine Fed will be fronting paychecks to everyone who banks with them.
USAA will be waiving overdraft fees and letting you push back any payments you owe to them.
Be sure to call to set any of this up.
Navy Marine Corps relief will be giving no interest short term loans.
If you can't make a car or mortgage payment call your creditors they might be willing to move that payment onto the end of your loan. Our said they will but we will ne a letter from my hubby's CO.
If you have young kids and aren't getting WIC go apply you will probably qualify anyway.
Depending on the state you live in a lot of low ranking military qualify for food stamps.
Make sure you do what you can to save money in case it last longer than anyone says. Use coupons for all your shopping. There are a ton of websites you can print them from.
I hope it doesn't come down to this but I want all of us to be prepared. Please remember that we should all help each other. No matter how bad off you are someone always has it worse.
Good Luck to you all!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday!

Sibling Love
A couple of reminders
Be sure to enter my 200 follower giveaway for a $20 Gift Card to your choice of Barnes and Noble, Target or Starbucks.
My friend over at Our Crazy Bunch will be having a $100 giveaway when she hit 500 foloowers so be sure to check out her page!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday Blog Hops!

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Free Hot Samples

Monday, April 4, 2011

200 Follower Giveaway! $20 Gift Card *CLOSED*

First off I would like to say thanks you to all my loyal followers. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading all of yours. We reached 200 followers today! After reading everyone's input I have decided that the winner of this Giveaway will get a choice between the three places you said you would like to see. This will be for a $20 Giftcard and the winner will have a choice from the following.
Barnes and Noble
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Since April is Autism awareness month and that is something that really hits home I am willing to give anyone who blogs about autism awareness and leaves me a link 5 extra entries

This Giveaway will end on April 15th at 11:59 EST
This giveaway is in no way sponsored by any of the three places mentioned and all cost are out of my own pocket.

I need your input

I am so close to 200 followers and I promised you all a giveaway. I would like to do a gift card but not sure where to. So here are the choices and I need you all to tell me what you would like.
Barnes and Noble
Dunkin Donuts

Once I decide there will also be a few other goodies with it!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday Blog Hops!

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Happy Monday!

Just Married with Coupons

Feeling a need to vent

Some days I wonder to myself if this life really worth it. The military life I mean. The ups and downs are more than some people can handle. I guess us military spouses are a special breed. As you all know my hubby left on Saturday for some predeployment training. What you don't know is last week he broke his toe. Yes I know it sounds dumb but I was actually pretty serious. They basically told him oh well suck it up. He showed it to a corpsman who said it was fine. Well today he showed it to him again and the guy said he needed to have a doctor look at it. Ok great so he does and guess what it's infected. And by infected I don't mean throw on some neosporin and get on with your day. He is in the hospital on IV antibiotics for the next few days. I feel like this could have been prevented if people would just take the time to do their jobs right. Now he's on the other side of the country sitting in a hospital and I can't even be there to do anything! UGH  And to top it all off my almost two year old realized today that daddy was gone. I was thinking she was to young to understand. Wrong again. He called and she said "Hi Daddy, Come?" Then when he got off the phone she started crying. I told her daddy had to go bye bye and he will call again later. She must have thought she could go get him. Next thing I know she is throwing her coat at me saying "bye bye daddy" I try telling her we aren't going anywhere and she starts screaming even louder. This is going to be an interesting chapter in our lives! Stay tuned I am sure there will be plenty of venting to come. Thank god for blogging it's my only constant in this crazy life we call the military!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Blog Hops!


Saturday Hops!!!

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Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The funny things kids say!

 This week a friend of mine and I got talking about all the funny things kids say. So here are some of my favorites. Please comment and share some of the funny things your kids have said or done.

#1 On Wednesday I went to the mall to go bra shopping. My husband took the kids into another store             and I  realized he had our credit card. I called him up and told him to come back in the store. As they were walking in my eight year old son starts looking at the lingerie. He then says "dad why do the make all this weird underwear? It's stupid" How do you explain that to a little boy? Oops maybe we should stay away from Victoria's Secret when he is with us.

#2 The first time I took my stepson to visit my parents in PA he was amazed by all the cows. That night my dad asked him if he wanted to go with him to get milk. My stepson turns and says with a serious face "do we have to milk a cow to get it?"

#3 My stepdaughter was in the car with my husband and said "daddy what's a prindle?" (I spelled it the way it sounded) My hubby says "what do you mean" she says right there daddy next to the steering wheel. What she was talking about was the Park Reverse Neutral Drive

I hope these stories put a smile on your face. Please comment and share yours. Also were are only 25 followers away from reaching 200. Spread the word I plan on having a Giveaway at 200!!!

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