Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Great deal I found at CVS

I happened to go in CVS today and found an amazing deal.
There was a display in the middle of the store full of Pamper's swim diapers.
They are regular $12.99 each.
They were on sale for 90% off with your CVS card.
That made them $1.29!!!
I bought two packs but might go back tomorrow and pick up some as gifts.
They also had the large rubbermaid bins on sale for $3 and some change. Not sure of the exact amount.
Have you found any great deals lately?
Please share I love hearing that we are all saving money.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Party planning at it's finest

I'm that mom who always goes over board with any party I plan.
My son's birthday is next month and I am going crazy already.
With my husband gone I feel the need to make this party the best yet for my son.
Being as his Birthday is so close to Halloween we always have a Halloween party.
The kids wear costumes and we have a blast.
This year we are planning on doing games which we haven't done in the past.
I am hoping my readers can give me some ideas on fun Halloween games we could play.
My son is turning nine but the ages of kids attending range from one to fifteen.
Please, please, please share your ideas!
Thank you all.

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Happy Monday :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Who doesn't love some Pampered Chef?

Today I had a Pampered Chef party (my second one this year).
I have to admit it has become a bit of an obsession of mine.
Not only do the have functional kitchenware but they are a great quality.
I love anything bamboo and their new bamboo collection is absolutely amazing.
Serisously don't these just look amazing!
The medium bamboo bowl

The bamboo tool turn about
The spoons (which I already have)

I can't wait to get all my new stuff in the mail.
Have you ever bought anything from pampered chef?
If you are interested in purchasing from Pampered Chef I am leaving my party open for orders until the 28th and you can order online.
Please contact me for the link.
And if you live in MA I have a great consultant who can help you book your own party.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 minutes a day

I haven't been blogging lately and that's because things have been hectic.

The hubby is able to call almost everyday but sadly he only gets 20 minutes at most.

He is waiting in line for two hours just to hear our voices for 20 minutes.

Because he has to wait so long I have not let my phone leave my side.

I feel like a crazy person!!!

I've never been so happy to have a smart phone.

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night checking emails on my phone.

I have never sent out so many emails and letters in my life.

But I believe we are starting to get back into a semi normal routine.

I'd also like to give thanks to all the great people who have been there during that tough time.

You know who you are and I appreciate my true friends more than anything.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deployment update

      I'm sure you have all been wondering how things are going. The hubby is finally in Afghanistan and has been for a few days :( Even though we had four months of him being in Cali it doesn't make this any easier.
     So here are the things I have learned this past week
#1 Do NOT watch the news... it will scared the day lights out of you and you will not get any sleep!
#2 It really is ok to cry ( just don't do it in front of the kids)
#3 Though our family will try to understand they never will so if you need to vent it's best to use  another mil spouse.
#4 He won't be able to call everyday so if you don't hear from him don't freak out. (yeah it's hard to do but worrying gets us nowhere)
#5 Last (but most important) write a lot of letters and emails. Take to many pictures and enjoy the only way we can share things while he is over there.

I hope you are all doing well. We are getting by and are doing our best to get in a routine here now that the summer is over and school has started back up. I never realized how much my hubby helps me until he left.