Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long awaited post!

Between Internet issues and my hubby being home for 6 days I have been MIA.

I know you are all wanting to know how we spent our 6 days together.

I can't exactly tell you all that... this is a family friendly blog after all.

The day he came home we had planned for a friend to pick him up from the airport.

Little did he know I was going with her to surprise him.
I was in such a hurry to see him as you can see.

Mean while my son was at home thinking I was out running errands.

I came home and had someone tell him to help me get stuff out of the car.

He walked out acting all mad that he had to help and walked right past his dad at first.
Obviously he realized he was there and got super excited.

Next we went in the house and my little girl couldn't believe daddy was here.

That's enough for tonight look for a future post with plenty more pictures.

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Kelly said...

It must be so hard to have your husband gone for so long! Your family must have been so excited to have him home!
I am your newest follow from Relax and Surf Sunday!