Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deployment update

      I'm sure you have all been wondering how things are going. The hubby is finally in Afghanistan and has been for a few days :( Even though we had four months of him being in Cali it doesn't make this any easier.
     So here are the things I have learned this past week
#1 Do NOT watch the news... it will scared the day lights out of you and you will not get any sleep!
#2 It really is ok to cry ( just don't do it in front of the kids)
#3 Though our family will try to understand they never will so if you need to vent it's best to use  another mil spouse.
#4 He won't be able to call everyday so if you don't hear from him don't freak out. (yeah it's hard to do but worrying gets us nowhere)
#5 Last (but most important) write a lot of letters and emails. Take to many pictures and enjoy the only way we can share things while he is over there.

I hope you are all doing well. We are getting by and are doing our best to get in a routine here now that the summer is over and school has started back up. I never realized how much my hubby helps me until he left.

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Tracy said...

Prayers for his safety, and for strength for you as well! My grandpa received a Purple Heart in WWII, and many of my cousins have served. I have several friends that are back home thankfully, but I know they can deployed at any time. I try to avoid the news sometimes too! I can totally relate to that!