Monday, November 28, 2011

Did you go shopping on Black Friday?

Every year I look forward to Black Friday shopping.

This year another Marine Wife and I went together.

We had an amazing babysitter who stayed with our kids for 11 hours.

First stop was Toys R Us at 9pm

We were there a long time but I got almost everything I wanted.

Then we stopped and got coffee before hitting Old Navy at Midnight.

I found some amazing deals. I saved twice what I spent.

I mean who can pass up nice scarfs for only $1

I bought them for all the neighborhood girls.

Then we hit Target and it was the biggest Target I've ever been in. It was 2 stories and even had an escalator for your cart.

Then we ate at Denny's, went to the Christmas Tree Shop and hit The exchange on base on our way home.

Over all it was exhausting but I had a blast and finished so much shopping.

Best part is I saved more than I spent!!!

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