Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veterans Day what does it mean to you?

This Friday the 11th is Veterans Day!
Veterans Day is one of those "small" holidays that mean a lot to my family.
Many of you will be out shopping Veterans Day sales.
And many more will be out going along their day the same as they did the day before.
So my question is what does Veterans Day mean to you?
Is it something you discuss with your kids?

This year Veterans Day will hit home a little more than usual.
With this being my husbands 5th deployment (first since we've been married) I will be taking extra time to thank him and all service members past and present.

 I will be out of town but will be making cards with non military kids and teaching them the meaning of Veterans Day.
Because to me Veterans Day is a time to remember those who selflessly sacrifice so the rest of us don't have to.
So I challenge all of you to take the time to thank someone you know who serves or has served our country.
And if you are feeling really helpful please think about donating to the USO.
The USO offers so many wonderful programs for our service members.

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