Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeling a need to vent

Some days I wonder to myself if this life really worth it. The military life I mean. The ups and downs are more than some people can handle. I guess us military spouses are a special breed. As you all know my hubby left on Saturday for some predeployment training. What you don't know is last week he broke his toe. Yes I know it sounds dumb but I was actually pretty serious. They basically told him oh well suck it up. He showed it to a corpsman who said it was fine. Well today he showed it to him again and the guy said he needed to have a doctor look at it. Ok great so he does and guess what it's infected. And by infected I don't mean throw on some neosporin and get on with your day. He is in the hospital on IV antibiotics for the next few days. I feel like this could have been prevented if people would just take the time to do their jobs right. Now he's on the other side of the country sitting in a hospital and I can't even be there to do anything! UGH  And to top it all off my almost two year old realized today that daddy was gone. I was thinking she was to young to understand. Wrong again. He called and she said "Hi Daddy, Come?" Then when he got off the phone she started crying. I told her daddy had to go bye bye and he will call again later. She must have thought she could go get him. Next thing I know she is throwing her coat at me saying "bye bye daddy" I try telling her we aren't going anywhere and she starts screaming even louder. This is going to be an interesting chapter in our lives! Stay tuned I am sure there will be plenty of venting to come. Thank god for blogging it's my only constant in this crazy life we call the military!!!


Kimberly In Seattle said...

Oh my goodness, I hope his toe heals up soon. I'm so sorry you can't be with him right now. You and your daughter are in my thoughts tonight!! *hugs*

Erinn said...

Whenever chris goes in for something, he usually ends up making a second (or third...) trip back where they tell him something different then the first dr. told him. It can be really frustrating sometimes. I hope your husband makes a swift recovery!

~Wendie said...

I am not a military wife, but, I have a husband that was constantly gone on business trips. When the kids want what they want, it's tough. The best we can do it just breathe through it and know that someday they WILL understand. Good luck to you and your husband