Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's talk Government shut down

Yes this will be a venting post. First off I would like to tell you all my hubby is home from CA and won't be leaving again until the beginning of next month. Once he leave I won't see him again until next spring :( So if my blogging seems sporadic it's because I'm spending as much time as possible with him.
Next I would like to vent about our government. With only about four hours left until a government shut down I'm not very optimistic. I know many people who will be hit very hard by this. Don't get me wrong my family could make it but not with anything to spare. If we do get a 1/2 pay check on the 15th I will probably freak out. With out allotment for housing and child support for my step kids we will only get about a $20 check. Who can live off of that? With my hubby preparing for this deployment things are already crazy enough. We are supposed to go visit my step kids in two weeks and my husband will be devastated if we can't go. We have enough in our account to cover our bills thank god but we were counting on his pay from the 15th to cover this trip. I can't even begin to say how awful I feel for those who are already deployed and will be worrying about their families. I think the government has forgotten that if it wasn't for our spouses they wouldn't be where they are.
I know that we are all worried but I want you all to have a little comfort so here is what I have found out we can do if this happens.
Navy Fed and Marine Fed will be fronting paychecks to everyone who banks with them.
USAA will be waiving overdraft fees and letting you push back any payments you owe to them.
Be sure to call to set any of this up.
Navy Marine Corps relief will be giving no interest short term loans.
If you can't make a car or mortgage payment call your creditors they might be willing to move that payment onto the end of your loan. Our said they will but we will ne a letter from my hubby's CO.
If you have young kids and aren't getting WIC go apply you will probably qualify anyway.
Depending on the state you live in a lot of low ranking military qualify for food stamps.
Make sure you do what you can to save money in case it last longer than anyone says. Use coupons for all your shopping. There are a ton of websites you can print them from.
I hope it doesn't come down to this but I want all of us to be prepared. Please remember that we should all help each other. No matter how bad off you are someone always has it worse.
Good Luck to you all!!!

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Erinn said...

Luckily last minute legislation is ready to be pushed through both the house and the senate if the shutdown happens which will make is troops will still be paid on time. I hope they just figure it out and push past ideology to see what programs actually need funding cut while still being able to make sure everyone gets paid. What a tough day.