Friday, April 1, 2011

The funny things kids say!

 This week a friend of mine and I got talking about all the funny things kids say. So here are some of my favorites. Please comment and share some of the funny things your kids have said or done.

#1 On Wednesday I went to the mall to go bra shopping. My husband took the kids into another store             and I  realized he had our credit card. I called him up and told him to come back in the store. As they were walking in my eight year old son starts looking at the lingerie. He then says "dad why do the make all this weird underwear? It's stupid" How do you explain that to a little boy? Oops maybe we should stay away from Victoria's Secret when he is with us.

#2 The first time I took my stepson to visit my parents in PA he was amazed by all the cows. That night my dad asked him if he wanted to go with him to get milk. My stepson turns and says with a serious face "do we have to milk a cow to get it?"

#3 My stepdaughter was in the car with my husband and said "daddy what's a prindle?" (I spelled it the way it sounded) My hubby says "what do you mean" she says right there daddy next to the steering wheel. What she was talking about was the Park Reverse Neutral Drive

I hope these stories put a smile on your face. Please comment and share yours. Also were are only 25 followers away from reaching 200. Spread the word I plan on having a Giveaway at 200!!!


Not a Perfect Mom said...

last time I was at Target with my kids, as we were walking past the bras my 6 yr old says really loudly, look mommy! it's a booby picker upper for you!

Madeline said...

Wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award

Nancy said...

Very cute! I love the innocence of children.
Sweet blog!

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Katy said...

Haha, my daughter is almost 2, so just pretty much started talking, but somehow I was supposed to know that "ake baybee af diPER" meant "take baby's diaper off before she turned to biting....

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