Saturday, May 21, 2011

BEWARE ATM skimming and Phishing

ATM skimming and Phishing are apparently becoming a huge problem.

I had never heard of this until today when it happened to us.

People are electronically reproducing debit cards.

How they do this I have no idea .

You all know my hubby is in California so I checked our bank account this morning.

To my surprise all but $3 was missing from our account.

As you can imagine I freaked out.

Not only do we not get paid until the 31st but we have a car payment that comes out next Friday.

I called they bank and they were very helpful.

Whoever got the number used my husbands card only an hour away from where he is at.

The bank canceled his card and will give our money back in 3-5 business days.

Now my poor husband has to drive an hour away and file a police report.

The worse part is that it wasn't just us.

Another military family who's husband is in CA with mine had the same thing happen.

Remember don't use an ATM if someone is standing to close to you.

Look at the ATM and make sure it doesn't look like it has been tampered with.

If you suspect anything PLEASE tell the bank.

I hope this post will keep this from happening to anyone I know.


cajunlicious said...

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- Jessica @

Jessa said...

I haven't used an ATM is probably 2 years. I've never really felt comfortable with them.

Tara said...

Thanks for posting the Say Hi Sunday button! I'm now following you back :)

Michelle said...

Oh No!!! Sorry this happened to you guys. At least the bank was cooperative pretty quickly. I know there's something the criminals can put on the machines or something. I wouldn't even know what to look for! Thanks for the info and for stopping by the S&R weekend hop! See you next week. Hopefully everything will be resolved for you guys by then!

Peg said...

Just popped over from say hi sunday.
That's an awful thing to happen to you or anyone. I've always avoided debit cards and gone for a simple cash card, always put my mind at rest as it can't be copied.


Pearl Westwood said...

That is just awful, thank you for warning us. Pearl