Monday, May 23, 2011

Things are looking up!

Last week was so crazy that I thought it would never end.

I figured why not take it upon myself to make sure this one is better.

So Thursday a bunch of other milwives and their little ones are coming over for coffee and breakfast.

I am super excited to have some adult interection. LOL

I have caught myself talking like a child these past few days.

For instance I said I had to "go potty"

What am I 3?

Does this ever happen to you when you are home with your kids for long periods?

Don't foget the Eden Fantasys giveaway ends on the 30th.

It's low entries so why not test out your luck.


well-to-do said...

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Kelly L said...

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Russo said...

I love your posts because you are so witty and your writing comes off as fun and interesting. I return each week happily because you brighten the blog world up.-Russo @