Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Being a military family Memorial Day means a little more to us.
I recently came across a website that explains what memorial day is for kids.

I think all kids should understand the meaning of Memorial Day.

Please check this out and share it with all your kids.

Of course we all celebrate a little differently so what are you planning this weekend?

With my husband gone I knew I had to take plan something big.

My great friend and I are planning a HUGE BBQ!!!

We are inviting a bunch of people including other wives whos husbands are gone.

The funny part is that us wives will have to run the grill.

Be sure to look for a future post to find out if we burn anything down LOL

I love planning parties and am probably going a little over board.

We are getting a sprinkler and kiddie pool.

You may be wondering what is going to be on our menu so here is your sneak peek

  • Hamburgers    
  • Hot dogs         
  • 2 pasta salads 
  • veggie tray      
  • fruit tray         
  • chips              
  • cupcakes        
  • popsicles       
  • soda               
  • bottled water 
That was just a sneek peek I will post tons of pictures on Tuesday.

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Danielle said...

Great post! BBQ sounds like fun! Following from my hop! Sorry it took so long, my 3 crazy kids have me challenged for time!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon ;-)