Thursday, February 3, 2011

And I thought girls were moody!!!

        Growing up I always heard my mom talking about how moody we (meaning the girls in the house) were. When my son was born I thought how easy it will be to have a boy. WRONG!!! My eight year old son is as bad as a teenage girl. And I wish I knew why that is. Yesterday was another snow day and the day seemed to drag on. I felt like every time I turned around my son had an attitude about something. "Fine" and "OK mom" seemed to be his favorite words. AHHHH someone help I can't take this. I know it's all a part of growing up but I feel helpless. Maybe it's from the move. ( for those who don't know we just moved from MN to MA back in december) He is use to having tons of friends and the boys here just aren't like the kids he is use to playing with. Although it could be many other things. The fact that he hasn't seen his dad in months or cabin fever. Anyone got some advice? I am open to anything at this point. Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice.

My munchkin on a good day at the skating rink!

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