Monday, February 7, 2011

Myths about Dity moves

So as military family's we hear mixed information on Dity moves. The hubby and I decided to do one in November 2009 and it worked out great. We paid about $850 for our truck $500 for gas and tolls! Between our advancement from tmo and the money we got on the back end equaled about $7200 and when you subtract what we paid out we made around $5800 and that was after taxes. So for our move this past December we decided to do a Dity move again. Now let me give you the numbers for this move. We paid about $1700 for the truck and trailer we needed. (we had accumulated a ton of stuff in one year.) $1100 for gas and tolls (A bigger truck plus more miles = a TON of gas) we got an advancement of $1200 and only $3100 after the move. So after all was said and done we pocked a measly $1100 maybe a tad more. Of course we were shocked and wanted to find out why. We have a friend who works for tmo so we called. Here is the myth about Duty moves. They DON'T cover your truck and gas. What they do is pay you strictly by how many pounds you have and how far you are going. The farther you go the less you get per pound. Also in a one years time the amount you are getting per pound has been cut in half. Now you may be wondering why. It is because the military is paying their contracted movers less than they use to and therefore we also get less. So if you are going to do a Dity move here is my advice. Go with the smallest truck you possibly can. Have as much weight as possible. And also take into consideration that you will have to pay for some of it out of pocket until you get paid after the move! It no longer pays to do it yourself! Let them pack and move your stuff while you sit back and relax

Helping with our second move


Gaile said...

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Jessa said...

Our DITY move actually netted us some good money. Not great, but it covered the expenses we incurred and then some. I don't know that I want to do a DITY next time though. It was a long and tedious process.


This is a great post! Ummm...i think i need you to join my little forum (its small and intimate not crazy big) I am pitching like a salesman...but seriously this is a great post. People can be somewhat uneducated about this process...and it usually goes something like, "well one of my friends did it and they made bank". well are you moving the same exact distance with the same exact weight?! LOL! anyway, great post. i'm a new follower. can't wait to read more.


PS: love the wedding dress ;)