Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I need help with my cloth diapers!

Ok so here's the deal. I have only been cloth diapering for a few months. My daughter is 20months. I know I started late but better late than never. I love cloth diapering but need some advice. I currently only have smartipants pocket diapers, prefold and either a prowrap (which I hate) or bummis covers. oh and I do have one fitted but I think it's to big. I have never had problems with leaks until recently. It seems like my daughter is filling her diapers up by the gallon. I mean seriously I even put her in disposables a few times and have had issues with them leaking too. So my question is do any of you  cloth diapering moms know a good diaper for a heavy wetter? Should I just invest in some extra inserts? Something has to give I can't keep changing her clothes all day long!  I love cloth so far and would love to use it on all my future babies but need to get the hang if it first. So any advice related to cloth would be great. Maybe some laundry tips (although I think I have the hang of it) diaper suggestions and how to use cloth while traveling. Thank you all in advance


Maria said...

Loopydos are great in pocket diapers for heavy wetters. I use the superdos at night (Knickernappies makes them.) You also have to change cloth more often (forgive me if you already know this!) I aim for every 2 hours.

For washing, use 1/4-1/2 the lowest load line of detergent to start. I do a hot wash with an extra rinse. Washing is really trial and error and you have to tweak things as you go along!

Tailor Made Mommy said...

I LOVE Kawaii Heavy Wetter Pocket Diapers! They are inexpensive and work great!! You can find them at theluvyourbaby.com!

BTW, thanks for entering my giveaway!

Jenn said...

I love Fuzzibunz One Size! They come with two inserts, but I only use one during the day & Bub is a pretty heavy wetter. I think a lot of times, when his leak, it's because they're not snug enough on his leg. With Fuzzibunz, you can adjust the elastic to make sure they fit well.
I do like Kawaii too. And Flip Stay Dry inserts seem to work in almost anything! I want to start carrying both in my store.

cmswanlu2 said...

If she wasn't having a problem with over filling the paper diaper, then I'd say you need to strip them, but I'd try using an extra insert for a few days to see if that will solve your problem with out being too bulky. It may be a stipping problem tho too. I remember asking my friends this same question a few months into cloth diapering. Traveling with cloth diapers is a bit more work, just because of the extra bulk I think, but I have a few wet dry bags I use for the dirties, and continue as normal as if I was at home. I'd also suggest to have an extra change of pants, incase you forget to change her as often as you would at home and you get a leak. (has happened to me several times, especially when she's sitting more then she would at home)