Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little something to brighten my day!

Being a military family we move way to much. I just wanted to talk about all the good things that have come out of it. I have met all of my BFF's because of the military. I now have friends who will always "be there" for me. It doesn't matter how far away we are or how little we talk. When we get a few minutes to catch up it feels like we have never been apart. My kids are growing up learning the true meaning of friends. Also I have gotten to live some fun places. In NC we were able to go to the beach multiple times a week. In MN the Mall of America was a regular place to visit. And hey how many people can say they went through an entire winter in -30 degree weather. And now here in MA we have so many historical things we plan on visiting. This is the birth place of our country after all. I am also beginning to realize that I am becoming a stronger person with each move. I know that when my children grow up and my husband retires I will look back on these times and miss them. a LITTLE! I am going to cherish each day because tomorrow it will only be a memory.
Here are some pictures of some fun times I like to look back on from all the places we have lived so far.
Can't forget that I got married in NC
The beach! Wow my boy was so little
The birth of my daughter
Minnesota winters
Living on an AFB

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Jen said...

I'm guessing Hanscom? We've been there before as well and still have a house in MASS. It's truly a SMALL USMC world.