Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My 30 day challenge day 1!!!

    I don't know about all of you but I think about the strangest things late at night. Last night I got to thinking about the fact that I haven't really talked about myself in my blog. I guess as a mom that's something that just happens. Once you have kids your whole life revolves around them. And as much as I love it I feel as though I should get a chance to show who I am not just as a mother. So I am challenging myself to something that I know will be hard for me to do. My goal is to post something about MYSELF on my blog for the next 30 days. Don't worry I will still be posting about all the fun stuff too! So here it is day #1
    The first thing you should all know about me is that I have a really messed up family. (Sorry if you guys are reading this, but it is SO true) I was one of four kids (all half siblings) until 2 years ago when my dad found himself a nice wife and they gave me a little brother. My grandma is more like a mom to me than my own mother. And even though I have some great friends my grandma and my sister will always be my BFF's. Oh yeah and if you want to know where the messed up part is I have a great aunt who is the same age that I am! Try and figure that one out... I may go into more detail later I just want to see how many of you can figure it out. That's it for today look out for what crazy secret I might reveal tomorrow!

Myself and my siblings on my wedding day! And yes I'm the oldest
My grandma is Awesome!!!

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Maggie said...

Your my bestest friend too!