Monday, March 28, 2011

My plans for this deployment

Lately my anxiety has been getting the best of me. Along with some depression. I know it will all pass but I can't just sit here and wait for this deployment to be over.  Last night my son said to me "how am I supposed to do good in school AND be the man of the house" he then went on to mention how I have been sleeping a lot and "not in a good mood" I know I am depressed and I can't believe I let it get to this point. I have decided to get off my lazy butt and do something about. These next few months will be hard there is no getting around that. But I am going to make them as enjoyable as possible. Not only for me but also for the kids. I have come up with a bunch of things I want to do while the hubby is gone. Now to be realistic I may not be able to accomplish all of it but I am going to try my best. Now I am going to share with you what I want to do and I am also open to any idea you all have.
#1 The kids and I are going to write my husband a letter everyday. Even if it's something as simple as I love you. Not only will this help me but I think the kids will have fun with it and give them something to look forward to each day.

#2 I want to get some cork board for both of the kids and put it up in their room so they can hang pictures of them and daddy. I have been busy taking pictures of them doing everything together. This is one I WILL do!

#3 STABILITY! As much as I want to travel and see my family I am going to try my best to have them come here. I think it is important for these kids to have as much stability as possible.

#4 My son and I are going to make a chart with all the things that must be done around the house. Mostly the things my hubby does so we don't forget. Things like taking the trash out to the street and filling the car with gas. Yup I know it sounds silly but my hubby always fills my car with gas. As a matter of fact I haven't done it myself in almost 4 months.

#5 My son and I plan on going camera happy! We will then take those pictures and make an awesome scrapbook for my hubby.

#6 I am thinking about opening my own etsy shop. I have been getting good at making hairbows and have even been dabbling in tutu making. This will all depend on how much time I have to put into it. So keep your eye out because who knows YOU may get the first chance for a review on my shop.

#7 I'm going to keep up with my blog. I think it will help to hear all of your advice.

Thanks for reading my rambles and please leave your comments I love hearing from my readers!

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Julie said...

Scrapbooking the deployment is a fun way to pass time when you just need that *me* slash *us* time.

Sonja said...

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Stacey said...

Thanks for following! I'm following back now.
I will be thinking of your family - your husband is a hero!

Crafty said...

Thank you for being the wife that makes it easier for your husband to fulfill his military duties. God bless you and your family and prayers to keep your husband safe.

Lizann said...

hi there, I'm your newest follower! :-) looks like we will be going through a deployment around the same time this year. My 1st married deployment was 7 months long, and just ended last summer, so it's pretty fresh as we get ready for this next one. Staying busy and having little projects definitely helps. But getting TOO busy and creating stupid projects for yourself can wear you down (not saying any of yours are, but I was painting rooms in the house, putting up shelves and picture frames, redoing the backyard... it was too much!) Give yourself little things to look forward to, like regular playdates. I found a great Moms group through the site, which is all over the country. Also, make sure you look into the deployment respite care program on base, and start the enrollment process before the deployment! You probably qualify for 16 hours of free care per month per child. I used mine once a week to get groceries and run errands child-free, so it wasn't overwhelming. This is long, I think we'll be talking a lot more!

Lyric said...

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Tonya said...

New follower from the blog hop! Cute site. Looking forward to reading you. :)

Hope your husband remains safe.

Denise & Justine said...

We're returning the follow! Thanks for stopping by our page.

Bless your husband & your gorgeous family! Semper Fi